Learning in Austria

Are you looking to learn or study in Austria?

This site can help you find learning opportunities such as initial vocational training and university courses. 

Graphic overview of the Austrian educational system
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Visit www.bildungssystem.at, which provides a diagram showing the Austrian educational system in German and English, ranging from kindergarten level to adult education.

The site offers pdf and hard copy versions of the diagram in more than 20 different languages, including Arab, Dari, Urdu.

Schools and Adult Education in Austria
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For an overview on VET schools and colleges in Austria visit www.berufsbildendeschulen.at.

Information on all school types from compulsory schools to adult education can be found at https://www.bmbwf.gv.at/en/Topics/.

All schools and university colleges of teacher education are listed in www.schulen-online.at.

erwachsenenbildung.at links to all regional and national adult education databases.

Europass — show the world what you can do!
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Do you want to work or continue your studies in another country?

It's important to convey your skills and abilities in a clear and straightforward way. Europass - a free tool of the European Union - helps you with this.

Just visit www.europass.at

Search learning opportunities and qualifications in Europe
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In the Europass Portal you can find learning opportunities and qualifications from other countries in Europe.

Learning opportunities from Austria will also soon be available here.

Learning Opportunities Providers


Initial vocational education

ausbildungskompass.at gives detailed information about learning opportunities and providers in initial vocational education in Austria.

The ausbildungskompass.at site is provided by the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS).


Universities, universities of applied sciences, teacher training colleges and private universities

studienwahl.at – Study in Austria. Find your Programme provides information about more than 2000 degree programmes in Austria.

The studienwahl.at site is provided by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) in cooperation with the OeAD.

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