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The English-taught international master’s course in Chemistry and Physics of Materials is a master’s programme which is structured in an interdisciplinary way by MINT subjects (mathematics, computer sciences, natural sciences, technology) and which focuses on the production, characterisation (description of materials and functions) and knowledge-based further development (processing) of functional materials in laboratories and in nature. The compulsory subjects include Chemistry of Materials, Physics of Materials, Materials Characterization, Functional Materials, Intellectual Property Rights and Health, Safety and Regulations. As regards the compulsory elective subjects students have to acquire at least 10 ECTS credits in two of the following five modules: • Nanomaterials and Interfaces • Biological Materials and Environment • Materials, Minerals and Resources • Computational Materials Science • Industrial Management. Students also have to study the “Materials Science Seminar“ course. Master’s thesis.

Duration / Workload (ECTS)

3 Semester / 90 ECTS

Access Requirements


Alternative Term

Chemistry and Physics of Materials (E)

Admission Procedure


ECTS Credits

3 Semester / 90 ECTS
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